A collection of photographs and images of British India

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Photographs and images of British India displayed as personal collections, rather than by subject.

  • Richard Skinner Collection

    9 photos

    More information on John Richard William Skinner, including his memoir, is available in the FIBIS database.

  • Sidney Malins Collection

    28 photos
    20 photos in 1 sub-album

    The photographs and postcards in this collection were collected by Sidney Malins whilst serving in India from 26th November 1920 to the 20th March 1924. Sidney played trombone in the Regimental Band of the 16th Lancers. These images were kindly given to FIBIS by Sidneys daughter-in-law Violet Malins.

  • Eric Lomax Collection

    175 photos

    Eric Lomax served in the Royal Signals during the war. He was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and forced to work on the infamous Burma Railway.

    In the early part of the war, he was posted to the Northwest frontier region where he took many of these photos and sent them home to England. They were never printed but remained for many years in their cassettes. Sadly, several of them suffered as a result. Eric's special interest was in Railways and he took many photographs which, on his death were donated to the Stephenson Locomotive Society. We have obtained special permission from his widow to make available to our Members his photos of Indian scenes, including of Indian Railways.

    Eric was reported to his Japanese captors for having constructed a radio receiver which he hid in a broom-handle. He was severely tortured by them as a result. After the war, he met with a Japanese translator who was involved with his torture who had been particularly remorseful about his part in it. Many years after the war, the two eventually met at the "Bridge on the River Kwai" and became friends. A film is to be produced about this part of his life later this year and he is to be played by Colin Firth and Jeremy Irvine. It is to be called "The Railwayman"

  • Hilary Williams Collection

    16 photos

    The images in this category are photographs belonging to Hilary Williams who has kindly allowed us to show them here. Hilary also very kindly sent us copies of her postcard collection which has been included in the Fibiwiki Postcard Project.

    See also Hilary Williams Postcard Collection.


  • Alfred Cecil Gregory Collection

    181 photos

    The images in this collection are photographs taken by and owned by Alfred Cecil Gregory who served in the 5th Bn. East Surrey Regiment in various parts of India during WWI. The scans are used here by the kind permission of his granddaughter, Valerie Boddy.

  • Rogers-Bray Collection

    11 photos

    A collection of wonderful photographs given to FIBIS to display on it's website by the late Peter Rogers.

  • Rev. Fr. Maria Antoine Tabard

    28 photos

    St Patrick's Church, Bangalore (formerly Cathedral) built in 1837-41 , re-furbished in 1897-99.

    The majority of the photos presented here were taken by Ronnie Johnson and come from an album of photos seemingly prepared by the then Parish Priest, Rev. A.M. Tabard, for presentation to the Bishop of Mysore, Rt. Rev. E.L. Kleiner, on the occasion of his visit to re-open the Cathedral after its restoration in 1899.

    Copy photographer and donator, Ronnie Johnson writes:

    During the term of the previous Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Pat Digby, lots of encouragement was given to us researchers, and we did come across a fantastic collection of photographs. These were being hidden for over 75 years, as they were the collection of late Rev. Fr. Maria Antoine Tabard, one of the former Parish Priests of St. Patricks, who passed away in 1925. The album also contains original flower decorations, and probably prepared for Fr. Tabard by the Good Shepherd nuns. This album was presented to the late Rt. Rev. E.L. Kleiner, DD, Bishop of Mysore, on the occassion of the re-opening of St. Patrick's Church after rennovation in 1899. The album also contained pictures of the Altar at St. Joseph's Boys School Chapel, and some of the Priests Cemetery at Sacred Heart's Church, and the Catholic Cemetery on Hosur Road. St. Patrick's was called the Cathedral, as the Bishop found it more convenient than St. Mary's at Blackpally, Shivijinagar. There are more than 7 Bishops buried in this church, but with the number of alterations down the years, there are no proper markings to indicate the spot of each grave.

  • Dr Dorothy Cartner Collection

    230 photos

    Dr Dorothy Cartner's Photograph Album dating from the early 1900's and kindly made available by one of her relatives Geoff Dridan.

  • Valmay Young Collection

    31 photos
    46 photos in 1 sub-album

    Photographs and images from the personal collection of Valmay Young.

  • John Morgan Collection

    194 photos

    John Morgan is a collector of Antiquaria which he hires out as props for film and television. Among the items he has accumulated are three personal albums of labelled photos taken in British India in the early twentieth century. Sadly, their origin is not recorded. However, the photos are highly relative to the objects of our Society and John has been kind enough to permit FIBIS to record them here. We are grateful to Robert Charnock for reproducing them.