A collection of photographs and images of British India

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Inici / Personal Collections / Mary Shockley Collection [16]

A collection of postcards belonging to Mary Shockley

  • View of Calaba, Bombay View of Calaba, Bombay
    1423 visualitzacions
  • Queens Road, Bombay Queens Road, Bombay
    1171 visualitzacions
  • View from Malabar Hill, Bombay View from Malabar Hill, Bombay
    1231 visualitzacions
  • The High Court, Bombay The High Court, Bombay
    1299 visualitzacions
  • Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore
    1383 visualitzacions
  • Monkey Leap, Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore Monkey Leap, Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore
    1448 visualitzacions
  • Railway Station, Jubbulpore Railway Station, Jubbulpore
    2769 visualitzacions
  • Sudder Bazaar, Jubbulpore Sudder Bazaar, Jubbulpore
    2043 visualitzacions
  • St Joseph Convent High School, Jubbulpore St Joseph Convent High School, Jubbulpore
    1908 visualitzacions
  • Nerbudda River, Jubbulpore Nerbudda River, Jubbulpore
    1409 visualitzacions
  • Court, Jubbulpore Court, Jubbulpore
    1504 visualitzacions
  • RC Church, Jubbulpore RC Church, Jubbulpore
    2095 visualitzacions
  • Public Gardens, Jubbulpore Public Gardens, Jubbulpore
    1439 visualitzacions
  • Officers Club, Jubbulpore Officers Club, Jubbulpore
    1302 visualitzacions
  • Muddum Mahal, Jubbulpore Muddum Mahal, Jubbulpore
    1289 visualitzacions
  • Waterfalls, Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore Waterfalls, Marble Rocks, Jubbulpore
    1349 visualitzacions